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Frequently asked questions
  • What does T-Radar do?

    T-Radar is an innovative online platform that unites Service Providers & Shipping Companies. Its primary purpose is to act as a Technical & Services' locator globally. Technicians and Surveyors are allowed to enroll in the platform and Shipping Companies can search for their desired technician at the port of their choice in order to employ them for their services on their vessels.

  • Why should I choose T-Radar?

    T-Radar is a unique platform that offers a comprehensive and fully transparent solution for Service Providers & Shipping Companies. Introducing a new and effective way of communication between those parties, helping them discover new opportunities with a click.

  • How is T-Radar improving the way that I am currently working?
    • T-Radar eliminates unnecessary manual paperwork, and it reduces the risk of human error.

    • Technicians get the chance to collaborate with new clients.       

    • Shipping companies can locate experts from a wide range of professionals.

  • How long is the free trial?

    We offer a one month free trial for our users. At the end of this period, you can decide whether you want to continue using our services or not.

  • How is my billing cycle determined?

    There are two options that you can choose from. You can set your payment to be taken out monthly or prepay for a whole year!

  • How can I recover my password?

    Click on the “Log-in” option located at the top right-hand side of your screen. Fill in your e-mail and click on “I forgot my password”. An automated e-mail will be sent, providing a link with instructions on how to change your password.

  • What are the methods of payment?
    • Credit Card (For monthly subscriptions, we use recurring billing)

    • Bank Deposit

  • What is happening when my account goes on hold?

    In case you miss a payment, you will be able to login to your account, but you will not be able to use your account’s features. As soon as you make the payment the hold will be released immediately.

  • Is the T-Radar platform eligible for technical companies only?

    No, our platform can be used by companies and individuals. So, if you are a freelance technician, you are more than welcome to create your account on our platform.

  • How is the pricing settled? (Service Providers)

    The price is determined by the number of technicians you have under your company. If you are an individual, you will only need to pay for just one person’s subscription.

    You can update the number of your technicians either add or remove and again the price will be changed accordingly. Keep in mind the price list does not include VAT, but on your checkout page, you will be able to see the total price including the VAT.

  • How will I be notified when a shipping company is willing to employ me?

    Shipping companies can view your company’s or personal details, and they will be able to contact you directly, via e-mail, in order to discuss a potential collaboration.

  • How can I book a technician?

    After you complete your search, you will be able to see the technicians’ availability, the services they provide, their location and their profiles, along with their contact information. By using their e-mail address, you can contact them directly and arrange all the details.


  • How is my price settled? (Shipping Companies)

    You will only be charged when you subscribe for the “Live Updates” or “Follow my Ports”. Keep in mind that it is not mandatory to subscribe to both of them.